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Happy Days Discount Card


              Our mission is to provide your group with the highest value discount card program available.  A program that will make your organization proud, one that will make the people in your community look forward to your annual fundraising effort. A program that will maximize your profits while helping merchants throughout your community gain potential new customers.


              Our entire organization is structured to provide you with years of beneficial fundraising experience.  We've taken the guess work out of discount card fundraising and replaced it with proven methods that ensure a successful, easy and profitable experience for your group.


              We've designed our discount card program to  provide the highest value to your organization, the people purchasing cards from you and the merchants providing discounts.  In fact, the value of our Happy Days Discount Card far exceeds any card available today.  Here's why.  When a person purchases a Happy Days Discount Card  they receive discounts in three ways.


          First, they'll receive between 12 and eighteen discounts printed on the back of the Happy Days Discount Card. 


          Second, they'll receive 12 additional online discounts, one per month for 12 months.


          Third, and here's a whopping bonus, they'll receive an additional card, at the time of purchase, called the "Eatery Card " with 15 additional discounts to local restaurants!  That's why the Happy Days Discount Card is now the highest valued discount card available!


            Once you've decided to fundraise using the Happy Days Discount Card Prosper Fundraising will obtain all merchant discounts in your area. You just tell us the zip codes the discounts must be in and we'll do the rest. Then, our graphic artists will design a card that includes your groups name and logo in full color on the front of each card.  The merchant discounts are printed in full color on the back of each card.  You'll receive your customized cards in three weeks.  All cards will be pre-packaged in groups of five or 10 cards along with the same number of "Eatery Cards "  and a form that explains how to register for the 12 additional monthly online discounts. 

            Your organization will not have to pay for the cards until 15 days after you've received them.  That way, you'll have no out-of-pocket expenses and can pay from money collected.

We'll do whatever-it-takes to make your fundraising experience fun and profitable.