Strawberry Cheesecake

All cheesecakes are nine-inch (9") with homemade graham cracker crust.  Our cheesecake recipes are truely simple and delicious. We start with the best cream cheese, whole eggs, pure vanilla extract, cane sugar and a touch of lemon. That's it, the entire cheesecake ingredient list.  We then add tasty strawberry or chocolate topping.  The Big Cheese cheesecake is a no-topping New York style cheesecake which allows you to top with your favorite fruit or sauce.

The Cheesecakes are baked to perfection.   Each cheesecake is then individually packaged to arrive in perfect condition, ready to serve and enjoy.

All cheesecakes retail for $18.00 with a fundraising profit of $7.50 each (42% profit). 

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